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Princess Mononoke (1997), reason why Hayao Miyazaki is awesome #1.

Seriously how did you not see this ?
Directed & Written by: Hayao Miyazaki and Produced by Ghibli Studios (Also known as the people who made My Neighbor Totoro


  • Best Picture; The 21st Japanese Academy Awards
  • Best Japanese Movie, Best Animation, and Japanese Movie Fans' Choice; The 52nd Mainichi Film Award
  • Best Japanese Movie and Readers' Choice; Asahi Best Ten Film Festival
  • Excellent Movie Award; The Agency for Cultural Affairs
  • Grand Prize in Animation Division; 1st Japan Media Arts Festival (by the Agency for Cultural Affairs of the Ministry of Education)
  • Best Director; Takasaki Film Festival
  • Best Japanese Movie; The Association of Movie Viewing Groups
  • Movie Award; The 39th Mainichi Art Award
  • Best Director; Tokyo Sports Movie Award
  • Nihon Keizai Shinbun Award for Excellency; Nikkei Awards for Excellent Products/Service (details)
  • Theater Division Award; Asahi Digital Entertainment Award
  • MMCA Special Award; Multimedia Grand Prix 1997
  • Best Director and Yujiro Ishihara Award; Nikkan Sports Film Award
  • Special Achievement Award; The Movie's Day
  • Special Award; Hochi Film Award
  • Special AwardBlue Ribbon Awards
  • Special Award; Osaka Film Festival
  • Special Award; Elandore Award
  • Cultural Award; Fumiko Yamaji Award
  • Grand Prize and Special Achievement Award; Golden Gross Award
  • First Place, best films of the year; The 26th "Pia Ten"
  • First Place; Japan Movie Pen Club, 1997 Best 5 Japanese Movies
  • First Place; 1997 Kinema Junpo Japanese Movies Best 10 (Readers' Choice)
  • Second Place; 1997 Kinema Junpo Japanese Movies Best 10 (Critics' Choice)
  • Best Director; 1997 Kinema Junpo Japanese Movies (Readers' Choice)
  • First Place; Best Comicker's Award
  • First Place; CineFront Readers' Choice
  • Nagaharu Yodogawa Award; RoadShow
  • Best Composer and Best Album Production; 39th Japan Record Award
  • Excellent Award; Yomiuri Award for Film/Theater Advertisement
source: wikipedia

You see the above ? That's called national success ! The well received Japanese animated movie 'Princess Mononoke'  is known by some as one of the greatest Japanese animated movies acknowledging Hayao Miyazaki as one of the greatest-if not THE greatest- animation director of his generation and was also one of the first to use 3D rendered effects (some where so obvious that i wondered who could POSSIBLY think that that looked real.). Admire a spectacular and magical story that took Hayao Miyazaki 16 long  years to fulfill.

Hayao Miyazaki
Yes, the man that has over 45 years of experience and still active at the age of 71 continue's to make master pieces such as , Spirited away, Ponyo, Arriety the borrower . For anyone who saw this HAND DRAWN movie you'll know that the diversity in animals and folklore outweighs the human protagonists focusing on a folkloric tale seen by a young man traveling from east to west to cure a curse that is growing from his right hand granting him strength surpassing human standard; some good, some ridiculously strong (like the time he couldn't control his strength and shot a head off using one arrow which is physically impossible if I may add.).

Princess Mononoke and Moro

The Antagonist is a young boy with skills beyond his age hinted to be the heir of a small tribe in the east (it's never actually told were) cursed after fighting a  Boar-like demon to protect his village (and a girl who tripped...classic). The initial plan quickly sidetracks to make place for explanation and character development ultimately revealing where that boar came from, the situation that caused it and if he should side with the humans or preserve the forest at the side of princess Mononoke, daughter of the wolf Moro (huuuuge wolf o.O) and the gathering tribes of animals. This Epic tail is a mix of Japanese mythology and  folklore unveiling more than actually lead to believe after reading the title and the synopsis of this fine animation.

***** Watch-tastic! Shut up and take my money!
A movie that is worth ALL of it's praises and awards, I can only wish that I could of had the opportunity to watch this as a kid, just like I enjoyed Spirited Away on TV and a more Action-racing and vulgar oriented movie Redline which I watched recently. Enjoy and thank me later as you gaze at a animated master piece  :)

Do comment about the greatness of this movie.



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